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Open | Strong | Connected | Peaceful

North Adams Yoga's mission is to help you to be your best self through yoga and fitness. What is your best self? Well, it changes, doesn't it? On any given day our needs are different, sometimes we have a different focus based on what else the world throws our way, or we are in a different season of our life. This past 18 months of the pandemic have upended what wellness means for each person. Our social, physical, and mental health have been tested and as we crawl out of what feels like a cave, it's a great time to freshen up what wellness can be for you.

30 Days is a loosely guided program to help inspire you, refill your well, and connect with others in your community. The month's classes are diverse including Kettlebell training and an evening to make your own eye pillow! Favorites like Relaxation Yoga and Saturday mornings are on every week! It is free to register and every participant will receive our online content and a free planner to help structure your month. Register in October, 30 Days begins November 1!

Online Yoga


Free simply by signing up for 30 Days:

  • Metta Bhavana guided cultivation of compassion. This 30 minute practice is simple and powerful and an easy way to start meditating. Use it daily or once to get the basics to practice on your own.

  • Intention Setting and Svadhyaya lecture. There's much more than meets the eye when it comes to yoga and this class helps you to find meaning in your yoga practice. We will also cover how to use your planner effectively for the month and long-term.

  • All Levels Yoga practice with Devin. An hour long practice that focuses on balance, core strength, and leg mobility: Virabhadrasana III (Warrior 3 Pose).

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Special for the Month of November

  • Intro to TRX Fitness
    Interested in our fitness and TRX classes but have some hesitations? This is the class for you. 5 sessions with Deb will have you confident with the equipment and confident in your own skills. Tuesdays 6:00pm, In-Studio, $40 for the Series (Free for Unlimited Members)

  • Relaxation Yoga
    Sundays at 6:15pm relax your body and mind with gentle, restorative poses and guided meditations. Regular Class Price

  • Inversions
    Sundays at 11:00am, instruction and practice of active inverted yoga poses like handstand, forearm balance, and headstand. Regular Class Price



  • Make Your Own Eye Pillow
    Multi-sensory and meditative: make your own eye pillow! Friday, November 5, 5:30pm $20, all materials supplied.

  • Kettlebells
    Pick things up, put them down. And swing them, and carry them, and press them and do all sorts of fun things. Weight training has numerous benefits, learn how to do it right with Deb. Friday, November 19, 5:30pm, Regular Class Price 

  • Thanksgiving Day Class Online
    We are 'adopting' turkeys again! This annual tradition, an All Levels Yoga class offered by donation, focuses on all that we have to be grateful for and the bounty that supports us daily. Online at 9:00am Thanksgiving Day; pay what you can $5-25



The inspiration, free. The motivation, all you. The goods, we've got them. Attend any paid class through November and you will be entered to win prizes. The more you attend in the 30 days the more times you are entered.

30 Days: Our Therapies


Sign me Up for the 30 Days Program!

Sign up now for exclusive online content, the free wellness planner, and more.

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30 Days: Sales Lead
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