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Open | Strong | Connected | Peaceful

North Adams Yoga's mission is to help you to be your best self through yoga and fitness. What is your best self? Well it's multifaceted, isn't it?  In addition to the physical practice and meditation, yoga's 8-limbed path offers guidance and practices for environmental and spiritual wellbeing, too. 

30 Days is a loosely guided program to help inspire you to action. The month's challenge focus on your individual wellbeing through meditation and physical movement, as well as social and environmental wellbeing. Register in March, 30 Days begins April 1!



Access to North Adams Yoga's EcoChallenge Team! 

"Ecochallenge provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action, and gives participants a fun and social way to think about and support climate action and social justice."

We've curated action steps to use all month long with 5 daily actions and 7 one-time actions. all with resources! 

Online Yoga


If you are depleted, how do you have anything to give to the environment? This is where a 30 Day Challenge includes YOU.

Free simply by signing up for 30 Days:

  • 10 Minute Guided Meditation Practice Audio

  • 15 Minute Core Workout Video

  • 15 Minute Stretching Video​



Special for the Month of April

  • Relaxation Yoga
    Sundays at 7:15pm relax with restorative poses and guided meditations. Environmental justice can be taxing on the mind and even depleting. Give yourself a rest and recharge session to keep going. Regular Class Price

11.13.16 NAY with Deb-31.jpg


  • More Core!
    Join Deb to discover how to effectively strengthen and challenge your core. There's a plethora of bodyweight movements you can do at home, plus learn how equipment such as mini bands, yoga blocks, the TRX, and more can help you move past plateaus in your strength training. Deb's here to dispel myths and help you feel better and move more freely.

  • Clothing Swap
    Attending a clothing swap helps to keep textiles out of landfills and supports those who may otherwise have limited access to clothing. Bring anything you're ready to part ways with and take anything with you! All sizes, styles, and clothing types welcome. Please bring clothes that are clean and wearable (no trash textiles). We'll bring some bubbles! Anything left over will be donated.



The resources, free. The motivation, all you. The goods, we've got them.

We've got some surprise discounts to help you practice. Exclusive to those who register for the challenge!

Attend any paid class through April and you will be entered to win prizes. The more you attend in the 30 days the more times you are entered. We're giving away class passes!



Sign me Up for the 30 Days Program!

Sign up now for exclusive online content, discounts, and more.

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