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Meditation May

Part of Our Iceberg Series

Developing Knowledge and Practice of Yoga Beyond the Poses

Yoga is a rich, diverse practice to reduce or eliminate suffering. What we explore in a 60 minute studio class is just the tip of the iceberg! Below the surface is a system of self care and knowledge. 


Join Devin in the month of May to explore meditation techniques and practices. Learn more about what meditation is (and is not). A variety of practices help you find the right jumping off point to 


Friday, May 10


Yoga Nidra

Guided meditation practice that releases tension though layers of the self (koshas) including physical, mental, and energetic. This is a deeply restorative and soothing meditation practice that requires absolutely no experience in meditation or yoga. Regular Class Price

Sunday, May 19 

Meditation & Anxiety

"You should try meditation."

Yeah, okay, but like, how? And why? Join Devin in a workshop that both explains it and puts the skills into practice. Meditation can help you to identify anxious thoughts, to ground in the present moment, and shift your nervous system. No experience necessary. Part lecture, part practice. Ages 12+. $20 (Scholarships Available)

Friday, May 31

Cultivation & meditation.

Metta Bhavana & Japa Meditation

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