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Current Weekly & Monthly Classes


60 minutes
A yoga practice is progressive. The foundations of a yoga practice can be layered to continuously deepen and advance. This class goes through the progressions of poses so it is both beginner friendly and appropriate for yogis advancing their practice. Expect to learn poses that build strength and poses that increase flexibility/mobility. Breathing techniques and brief meditations may also be instructed during this holistic, hour class. Classes weekly.

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60 minutes
A Vinyasa flow class that explores detailed transitions between poses, standing poses, arm balances, inversions, and advanced pranayam. A vigorous practice, this class is best suited for intermediate students who minimally know how to enter poses such as the warriors, bridge, upward-facing dog, and shoulder-stand safely, without demonstration. This is a faster paced class! More advanced options are presented throughout class. Classes weekly. For Experienced Students.

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Gentle Yoga

60 minutes

Be gentle with yourself. This slow and low class includes basic gentle stretching, restorative poses, and breath practices (pranayama). Expect to spend much of the class seated or laying down and even have time for guided meditations. Another holistic way to approach your yoga practice this class is great for helping to stretch and release tension from many layers of yourself. 



60 minutes

Using a variety of techniques and equipment we provide, spend an hour focused on functional movements and getting stronger! Put good patterns in your body to help feel better and focus on you for an hour! Mindful movement has new meaning with Deb's attention to detail and subtle, yet powerful work-outs that help to balance the body and improve overall functional strength using body weight exercises, TRX, and circuit training. It's a great compliment to a yoga practice or stands alone to help you move more freely in the world. Yet the best part is probably the community of kind, supportive, and lively people that come to class! Beginners always welcome. Classes weekly.



60 minutes
TRX suspension systems have your core working in every exercise to make you stronger! Each class is total body and instructed by a certified and experienced TRX instructor. Interval training meets strength training on one simple piece of equipment: it's a no-brainer why we love it!

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75 minutes

Prenatal yoga not only helps you feel better today, but can help to prepare for delivery, bond with baby, and establish community. Prenatal yoga is appropriate for those with or without yoga experience. This class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy with approval of your healthcare provider for exercise. No prior yoga experience needed.


Class is instructed by Devin Raber who has been leading Prenatal Yoga classes for over 6 years. She is a certified by Blooma Yoga in prenatal style, an ACE certified personal trainer, and co-owner of North Adams Yoga. She gave birth to her son in May 2021.

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Single Class $17

10 Classes $130 (Expires 1 year)
One Month Unlimited $100

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