There's nothing quite so joyful as adding a baby to your family. But along with the excitement and magic come sleeplessness, hormonal changes, and big emotions. 


Promptly's Postpartum Journal, created with certified therapists, will help any person navigate the transition of adding a baby to their family with more support, confidence, and joy.


What's to love: 

  • A wipeable cover in Cashew or Lilac Leatherette 
  • Coil bound design for easy writing
  • Journaling prompts, check-ins, therapy tips, words of encouragement, and resources specific to the postpartum period 
  • The perfect companion for any mother who is pregnant or recently had a baby (by birth or adoption)
  • Helps prevent and ease the symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety

Prompt examples: 

  • How can you show compassion to yourself today?
  • What helps you feel more emotionally balanced? What adjustments can you make to get the help you need?
  • What do you want to remember about this stage in your life?
  • Have you felt more angry, impatient, or frustrated since the birth of your baby? Write about some moments when it has been hard to keep your cool. (P.S. You're not alone. See therapy tip for help.)


Please note this is not a replacement for thereapy, professional support, or medication prescribed by a doctor. These journals are resources and a reflection practice, and a damn good one at that. 

Promptly Postpartum Journal