These are not your average foam yoga blocks. Better density, but still lightweight and more portable. Good for cushioned bridge poses or squeezing between the legs, but not so soft that they hurt your wrist in trianlge pose. Contains between 50% - 75% recycled post-industrial & post-consumer EVA foam.

• Radius edges for comfort and beauty. 
• High density, extreme durability, firm support. 
• Soft, comfortable grip that is also slip-resistant.

Colors Sand (Grey), Clay (Pink)



Cork Blocks provide incredibly stability which can be great especially for jump-throughs, handstand pressing work, and those who like a firmer support anywhere.

  • Sustainable, fine-grain cork material
  • Weighs less than coarse-grain cork commonly used for blocks
  • Resilient solid structure
  • Easy-to-grip textured surface
  • Comfortable contoured edges
  • 4"x6"x9"

Yoga Block