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What is SEVA?

In yoga seva is selfless service. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga (devotional) that encourages the yoga practitioner to live in a way that supports the wellbeing of others. Sometimes described as the yoga pose your heart makes, acts of charity and kindness blossom from empathy. Seva is a path to rediscover peace personally and heal the universal community. 

If you are called to practice seva, through charity or simple kindness, start where you are most passionate. Find a cause or community that resonates. We can't all do it all, but we can all do something.

Selfless Service

Since our beginning in 2016 we have prioritized how yoga and our practice can honor and help others. Empathy and financial support for various charities and causes keeps the heart of yoga at the forefront of our practice: connection.

Animal Welfare

New Year's Day fundraisers alone have generated over $5,000 for local humane centers. Additional donations have been made from fundraisers for Farm Sanctuary in New York, and Sulala Animal Rescue in Gaza, among others.


discover what resonates with your heart

Palestinian Cooking

with Bondhu

Instructed by Gazans Displaced in Egypt

Wed. July 17 5:30pm EST

$100 In Person Community Lesson & Dinner

$15 Virtual, Recording Included

Details and Registration Here

A Palestinian cooking class led by Mahmoud Kalloub (virtually) and hosted in-person by Bondhu!

The in-person class comes with virtual instruction from Mahmoud, guidance from Farah @ Bondhu, and a family-style meal at the end of the session. Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be available for purchase.

If you cannot attend but would still like to support this fundraiser, you can donate HERE.

If you are facing financial hardship but are interested in supporting/attending, please email to learn more about our pay-what-you-can option.

Supports: Mahmoud Kalloub and Family

Metta Bhavana

SunAugust 11 

Cash Donation

Join Devin for a guided meditation and discussion of Metta Bhavana (cultivation of loving-kindness). This practice can be powerful in feeling supported by a connection to others, clearing negative or stagnant energy, and feeling at peace. 

Read more and book here.

Benefits: No Paws Left Behind

seva shirt 2.jpg

North Adams Seva Shirts

Limited Edition!

Welcome the debut of our NEW logo, interpreted and designed by Palestinian graphic designer Mahmoud Kalloub, by purchasing a shirt today! To practice empathy and metta requires vulnerability. With open hands and open hearts we dare to give a damn.

Supports: Denizens Society

North Adams S copy.png

"Even after all this time

The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

Look what happens with a love like that,

It lights the whole sky." Hafiz

Logo & Intro Video Design by Mahmoud Kalloub

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