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As of March 13, 2024

We are honored to announce that we have exceeded our original goal of $1,000 in aide for Gaza. We set out to raise $500 for the UNRWA and $500 for Sulala Animal Rescue and we have officially raised $1,879 combined! The money has been donated as it has been received. You can view our fundraiser for the UNRWA and see the receipt of our PayPal payments for Sulala on our website.

We are grateful for everyone who donated, attended classes, shared our social media posts, encouraged us. We have found new friends, new community, and strengthened our appreciation for the practice of empathy and connection. Thank you for helping practice yoga off the mat. Our actions make a difference.

We currently have a selection of stickers, hats, and plants available to continue to support relief efforts in Gaza. Plants are offered by donation and all profits of items sold go to either Sulala or SafeBow to help evacuations and fund prosthetics. 

Purchases from our Online Digital Shop support SafeBow

Personal information and unrelated transactions have been removed for security. Sulala Animal Rescue notes, "Paypal is registered in the name of ISHAKOV ROSHEL. We assure you our account has not been hacked, but the Paypal had to be registered in an Israeli name because Paypal is not provided as a service in Palestinian Territories. 100% of the money will reach us."

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