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Short Series, One-Time Workshops, and Special Classes
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Yoga Tune-Up Self Massage

Sunday, October 1

4:00 - 6:00pm

$40 Early Bird by 9/1, $48 After

Here’s a tool to help you work out the kinks on your own at home: therapy ball self-massage. This 2-hour workshop will offer a head-to-toe rollout to leave you feeling physically soothed and emotionally relaxed. Price includes a set of Yoga Tune-Up balls for continued use.

Advantages of self-massage:

  • Release physical tension. Learn techniques to soothe your personal hot spots.

  • Relieve stress. Knead your physical form to relax the mental and emotional layers of your being.

  • Breathe more freely. Physical tension and postural habits impede the breath. Unblock your respiration and repattern your carriage.

  • Deepen your asana practice. Stretching is not the only—or even, sometimes, the most effective—way to increase flexibility. Self-massage can improve mobility. The balls also awaken unconscious body areas; improved body awareness leads to more skillful movement.

  • Reveal yourself to yourself. Map your physical form and explore the mental and emotional states that self-care can evoke.

Jennie Cohen, E-RYT 500, started teaching yoga in New York in 2006 and now teaches aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, and movement enthusiasts all over the globe. Study with Jennie to learn anatomy in fun and practical ways, to build or refine your teaching skills, and to expand your movement repertoire. Jennie's fascination with the body in motion and her studies of the texts that form yoga’s philosophical foundation infuse her teaching, making it both informative and transformative.


Yoga for Stress Management

Sunday, September 17

3 - 5:00pm

$25, Included in Season and Yearly Passes

Everyone says yoga is good for stress and anxiety...and we're going to tell you, and show you, how.

This 2 hour workshop includes the science behind stress and anxiety management and where yoga fits in. We will cover what kinds of yoga work for these conditions and help you to workshop ways to use yoga to manage stress and anxiety (they are different after all). We will fit in a guided practice, too.

Great for adults and teens (with an adult accompanying).

candlelit solstice yoga.png

Candlelit Yoga

Friday, November 17


$25, Included in Season and Yearly Passes

Making the best of dark days by lighting candles and getting cozy for a gentle yoga practice designed to illuminate from the inside. Enjoy soothing yin and restorative poses, met by inspiring poetry and contemplation to renew your spirit. 


Yoga for Low Back Care

Sunday, October 15

4:00 - 5:30pm

Regular Class Price

Low back constantly hurt or feel stiff? Herniated discs, bulging discs, desk-sitting, hard living, and unexplained discomfort. We have a very different (read: effective) approach to using yoga to care for your low back. You probably haven't heard this before and we can't wait to share it with you. This workshop style class combines lecture with movement so you can learn how to care for your back day to day. We are so passionate about this information, we hope you'll join us.

As always, we approach therapeutic care holistically and will discuss common anatomy and physiology but also recommend using a team of medical professionals, too, if needed.

NAY 3.31.17-17.jpg

Prenatal Yoga

4 Sundays, October 22 - November 12

12:30pm - 1:45pm

$65, Payment Plans Available

Prenatal yoga can help to prepare for delivery, bond with baby, and establish support for after delivery. Move to feel better now during pregnancy and carve out some time for rest and relaxation. Connect with other pregnant people to find community and meet other parents.


This class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy with approval of your healthcare provider for exercise. No prior yoga experience needed.


Class is instructed by Devin Raber who has been leading Prenatal Yoga classes for over 5 years. She is a certified by Blooma Yoga in prenatal yoga, an ACE certified personal trainer, and co-owner of North Adams Yoga. She gave birth to her son in May 2021.

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