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Short Series, One-Time Workshops, and Special Classes
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Tuesday, May 2 6:45pm
Tuesday, May 16 6:45pm
Sunday, May 28 11:00am

Chaturanga Dandasana (4-Limbed Staff Pose) is the lower half of a push-up. This pose is often used in vinyasa (flow) practices as a transition between high plank pose and upward facing dog.
With optimal alignment the core, back, hips, and arms are engaged.
Without optimal alignment there is risk of longterm stress on the rotator cuffs, wrist discomfort, and general ineffectiveness. 
This 1-hour workshop moves through exercises that prepare you for Chaturanga as well as practice of the position to receive feedback from the instructor of what may help you specifically.

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May 7 - May 28 12:15 - 1:30pm

Prenatal yoga can help to prepare for delivery, bond with baby, and establish support for after delivery with community. Prenatal yoga is appropriate for those with or without yoga experience and adapts poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques to pregnant people to train for delivery and feel better now! This class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy with approval of your healthcare provider for exercise. No prior yoga experience needed.

Class is instructed by Devin Raber who has been leading Prenatal Yoga classes for over 5 years. She is a certified by Blooma Yoga in prenatal style, an ACE certified personal trainer, and co-owner of North Adams Yoga. She gave birth to her son in 2021.

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Tuesdays 7:00am + Recording Included
April 4 - June 20 (12 Weeks)

Take class with Devin online, on your schedule! Class is offered live via Zoom once each week. Whether you attend or not you will receive the link to the pre-recorded zoom class via email to watch and practice on your own time! Each class is available to watch for 7 days so you can practice if your schedule is unpredictable or you prefer to practice at a different time of day.

All Levels Yoga requires no prior experience. We do suggest having a yoga mat and maybe a yoga block at home but a stack of books works just fine, too! Please message us before the start of the series with any major injuries or conditions we should know of. Please know your screen/participation is not recorded, only the instructor.

Ways to Pay: 

Early Bird by 3/28 $110 

Payment Plans Available at Checkout

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