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Short Series, One-Time Workshops, and Special Classes
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Sunday, April 14

12:15 - 1:30pm

Hanstand, Forearm Balance, Headstand, Shoulderstand, and even Legs Up the Wall

Get the details and support you need to get upside down. Whether you are new to inversions or a veteran there are techniques and variations to try in this class! It's a great time to ask questions or even receive hands on assisting if you choose. 

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Iceberg Series

Discover the Depth and Breadth of Yoga

through specialized workshops and events. 

Priced Individually.

Yoga is a rich, diverse practice to reduce or eliminate suffering. What we explore in a 60 minute studio class is just the tip of the iceberg! Join Devin and special guests for a series that explores what sits below the surface: a deep system of knowledge and self care. 

Sunday, April 28

Prana Day Program

$90 Full Day Program Includes Refreshments and Exclusive Experience (Partial Scholarships Available)

Prices listed if attending single class only.

  • Intro to Prana ​

By Donation $10+

What is energy? Learn the fundamentals of prana (energy) according to yoga including chakras and nadis, and yoga practices ​that harness and balance the energy flowing through you.

  • Prana Practice 


Put to practice pranayama (breathing), mudra (hand seals), and asana (poses) on your yoga mat.​ Marma tool included.

  • Chakra Meditation


A guided yin & yoga nidra practice that focuses on the chakras (energy centers).​

This series is ideal for everyone who is interested to learn more. If you have ever been inclined to know more about the subtle yoga (beyond poses), practices that can enhance your time on the yoga mat, how to live with less suffering, and the cultural roots of yoga, these classes are for you. They all work independently but you will also find a web of interaction among the practices. Follow what you are inclined to and see where it goes! These topics are introductory friendly but also common study for yoga teachers or teacher-curious types.


Kettlebell Fitness

Wednesdays 5:30pm In April


Lift heavy stuff! Is it time to take your workouts to the next level? Kettlebells are a highly effective way to strengthen your muscles, bones, and cardiovascular function. Join Deb for detailed instruction to more safely and effectively challenge yourself!

Deb is a certified personal trainer, collegiate Sports Performance Coach, and great cheerleader. She's gifted in modifying exercises and will share her passion for detail when it comes to movement. 


Yoga Tune-Up Self Massage


Please stay 'TUNED' for a new date

Here’s a tool to help you work out the kinks on your own at home: therapy ball self-massage. This 2-hour workshop will offer a head-to-toe rollout to leave you feeling physically soothed and emotionally relaxed. Price includes a set of Yoga Tune-Up balls for continued use. *Save $8 with code BALLS if BYOB from the last session.

Advantages of self-massage:

  • Release physical tension. Learn techniques to soothe your personal hot spots.

  • Relieve stress. Knead your physical form to relax the mental and emotional layers of your being.

  • Breathe more freely. Physical tension and postural habits impede the breath. Unblock your respiration and repattern your carriage.

  • Deepen your asana practice. Stretching is not the only—or even, sometimes, the most effective—way to increase flexibility. Self-massage can improve mobility. The balls also awaken unconscious body areas; improved body awareness leads to more skillful movement.

  • Reveal yourself to yourself. Map your physical form and explore the mental and emotional states that self-care can evoke.

Jennie Cohen, E-RYT 500, started teaching yoga in New York in 2006 and now teaches aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, and movement enthusiasts all over the globe. Study with Jennie to learn anatomy in fun and practical ways, to build or refine your teaching skills, and to expand your movement repertoire. Jennie's fascination with the body in motion and her studies of the texts that form yoga’s philosophical foundation infuse her teaching, making it both informative and transformative.

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